Meet Our Event Coordinator & Talent Booker

What’s exciting and innovative about Queen St. Fare is that we’re not only a food hall, we’re also a live music and events venue.  One of the people who is instrumental in making this happen on a day to day basis is Jordan David, Queen St. Fare’s Event Coordinator and Talent Booker.  

Who Is Jordan David?

Jordan is an artist, producer and DJ in his own right and A co-founder of Music.Art.Ppl, an Ottawa/Montreal based collective that transforms spaces where artists from a wide range of disciplines can come together to create unique experiences in a safe and inclusive setting. He grew up in the Ottawa music scene playing in projects that varied from indie rock, alternative,  hip hop and experimental. He has also spent the last 3 years at the Ottawa Jazz Festival working in both logistics/operations and in media/marketing/communications. He is looking forward to combining all of his interests and expertise in his new role as Event Coordinator at Queen St. Fare.

The Ottawa Music Scene

The opening of Queen St. Fare is a major development for the Ottawa music scene. A venue of this size, located downtown, will give performers and promoters the perfect space to connect with new and bigger audiences. With a licensed capacity of 390-people, Queen St. Fare fits perfectly between smaller clubs and bigger theatres. Its location in the centre of the city, on the downtown line of the LRT makes Queen St. Fare convenient for people who live in almost any part of the city.  

Plans for Queen St. Fare

Jordan plans to book many events throughout the week at Queen St. Fare, ranging from bands, djs and solo artists and everything in between to make Queen St. Fare a place that people really want to come to after work and on weekends.  Jordan wants to have regular entertainment for the after work crowd, providing an alternative to typical “happy hour” venues.  Our goal is to put an end to the belief that Downtown Ottawa is a ghost town outside of business hours.  Most of the music events at Queen St. Fare will be free for the foreseeable future, but there have also been talks about making some shows “pay what you can” as they do in music-centric cities like Nashville.  

When it comes to the type of music and events you’ll find at Queen St. Fare, Jordan is open to almost anything.  Ottawa has an incredibly diverse music scene filled with innovative artists that are often more well-known outside of Ottawa. A large part of Jordan’s job will be providing a platform for those talented musicians to build new audiences and make new connections.  If we are successful in doing that, everyone wins and more people will realize what many of us have known for years: Ottawa isn’t the sleepy, boring city it once was.  

A Space For Everyone

Jordan will experiment with show times in an effort to make shows at Queen St. Fare more accessible for people who work bright and early.  Saturdays and Sundays at Queen St. Fare will feature jazz music for the families and groups of friends that make up the brunch crowd.  In the end, Jordan plans on showcasing the talent in our city as often as possible.  But accessibility of the music isn’t the only thing Jordan will be working on.

Jordan understands that providing everyone with an inclusive, positive, accepting space is what creates the elusive element known as “vibe” that’s all important for a live music and events venue.  We can’t wait for people to see the space, hear our sound system and feel the energy that everyone, including the food and drink vendors, are excited to share with the community.  

If you are an artist, musician, performer, promoter or booking agent and are interested in contacting Jordan, you can email him  


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