Wed, Feb 6 | 5 PM

Feb 6 | 5PM - 8PM | Alanna Sterling live at Queen St. Fare

Alanna Sterling is a part-time mermaid unicorn, full-time rockstar. Her powerful, unduplicatable voice is an unlikely discovery in small-town Ottawa.

This rainbow haired character delivers the full spectrum of performance: from jazz R&B, rock to ska, disco to grunge. Expect to hear her solo on trumpet or saxophone on stage, or do cartwheels up and down her 3.5 octave range.


Alanna is an outspoken advocate for mental health and uses her songwriting as a platform to express her personal struggles with trauma, depression and anxiety. She wields music as a potent tool to transform those struggles into something beautiful. Her ultimate goal as a musician is to provide her listeners with a voice they can resonate with, helping them to overcome their own personal battles.





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