Fri, Jun 28 | 4 PM

June 28 | 4PM – 5PM | Jazz Festival - Ottawa - Bella Cat

Bella Cat performs with a 3 piece horn section and Dj for Ottawa Jazz Festivals free event at Queen St. Fare .

Get Ready for hiphop, blues , rnb , soul , reggae and more.
Horn Section Includes Ottawa's Hottest Brian Asselin Richard Page Tyler Harris

Bella Cat is an Ottawa based performer born and raised in the small town of Chelsea, QC. She started off in the blues industry in the 2000's and became a successful independent artist.

Recording her 1st album in Nashville TN and her second album in Chicago, IL both albums promise to entertain you with lyrics and melodies written from the inner sanctum of her heart and soul. After her producer passed the young 27 year old took on the rolls of a production and decided to fuse her blues style with hiphop. This 2019 she has released 3 songs in that style and plans on releasing another 3 singles this summer . Her live performances are wildly entertaining and can leave you shaking in your seats with goosebumps of fulfillment. Your either going to be dancing like knowbodys watching or your going to be so taken in by her live performance that you will hear a pin drop. Either way get ready for an incredible performance specifaclly created by Bella cat for this special event she has asked 3 of Ottawas hottest horn players to play to her new lit tracks co produced by the amazing Caylan Penny .

Emma Pintal (Born Dcember 14, 1997) 21 years old, is a DJ born and raised in Ottawa Canada. Emma Pintal got into Djing to fulfill a lifelong dream of sharing her kind of music with the world. DJ Pintal is a self-taught EDM DJ known for mixing house music, bass house, and future house music. Emma started DJing in the summer of 2017 at house parties to gain experience in front of crowds. Her first set was at the Bourbon Room on August 25, 2018. Not long after she was sought by an event promoter and became the resident DJ for an event that happens once a month at club Rainbow called Night of Lights. Night of Lights which is an event held for the LGTBQ community that donates the proceeds to various charities in the area. Not long after DJing at those events she was contacted by LGTBQ community leaders in both Kingston and Cornwall to DJ for their community club nights. She has quickly grown attraction as her talent/music speaks for itself. She was recently featured on 95.7 the spirit of Ottawa after her videos Djing at night of lights reached them on Instagram. She has the ability to get the crowd to feel what she is feeling through her music and get the crowd dancing. Her passion, stage presence and spirit is definitely felt at any event which is why she has quickly grown attraction in such a short period of time.


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