Mon, Sep 21 | 6:00 PM

Sep 21 | 6PM - 7:30PM | Happy Hour Trivia at Queen St Fare

Queen St. Fare Presents: Happy Hour Trivia

Proudly Sponsored by Broadhead Brewing Company Ltd

Join us for Happy Hour Trivia happening every Monday at Queen St. Fare, hosted by Trivia Hall of Fame. We can accommodate 50 guests but you will need to register in advance. If you want to reserve a table please email


1) Teams should consist only of the people you are bubbling with. We are restricting teams to five people … six at the most. If you have more people than that, please break up into two teams.

2) Stay masked as much as possible, especially when you confer on answers.

3) Given the limits on the number of patrons, please order food and tip generously. Treat yourself. However, avoid sharing food and please don't get drunk. Drunk people are not good at social distancing.

4) The Official Notepaper now includes a place to list your phone numbers for contact tracing purposes only. I'll keep this for 14 days then trash it. (Note that this is different from the email list we use to keep you up to date on Ottawa Trivia League news.)

5) Bring your own pens; people do disgusting things with pens and we shouldn't share them. We will continue to mark each other's sheets but if you are uncomfortable doing this, you don't have to. (But we also can't count your scores toward any prizes.)

6) The game will be somewhat shorter than normal so that you can have a shorter period of time indoors.

7) As demand will likely exceed supply, most places will likely be taking reservations for trivia. They may ask for player names for contact-tracing purposes. Once you have a reservation, do not fink out and not show up. With limited seating every no-show is a gut punch for our locations. If you can't make it, please call the restaurant so that it can accommodate the next people on the waiting list.

8) Don't lick your fingers if you plan on touching anything else.

9) A livestream version of the live pub game will continue to be available at the Ottawa Trivia League Facebook page. Currently, those games run on Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 4pm. These games will be abbreviated versions of the live game, but won't count toward league standings, when these resume.

10) This goes without saying, but if you have developed new, coronavirus-like symptoms, please stay home.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a trivia champion? Round up your crew and join us at Queen St. Fare on Mondays from 6PM - 7:30PM and prove it! #QSFHappyHourTrivia

6PM // All Ages // FREE

Location: Queen St. Fare (170 Queen St.)


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