What exactly is a food hall anyway?

When we try and explain a food hall to people, they always say "you mean, like a food court?".  While it's true that food courts have improved in recent years, generally speaking, food courts are:

  • found in shopping malls;
  • home to fast food chains; and
  • well lit spaces that don't invite socializing.

Food halls have a mix of restaurant-quality food in a lively, licensed environment.  Think of a food hall as a mashup of your favorite restaurants and your favourite local hangout. 

What Makes Queen St. Fare Unique?

Queen St. Fare is truly one-of-a-kind, not just in Canada, but throughout the world. We’re not just a food hall, we're also a hub for Ottawa’s music community, boasting live entertainment almost every night of the week with a 390-person capacity.  Come to Queen St. Fare with your friends, find something to eat that suits everyone's tastes, have some drinks and catch some great live music.

Another thing that sets us apart is the cocktail program at Q Bar.  Some food halls have small bars that offer a limited selection of drinks; likely a few local beers, some wines and a couple of mixed drinks.  At Q Bar, master mixologist Shaddy Baroud brings a relatively new concept in Ottawa cocktail service.  In addition to serving great beers and wines, Shaddy combines house-made syrups and bitters with barrel-aged cocktails, creating expertly-made drinks without a lengthy wait.

Food Halls Around the World

Throughout the world, you’ll find a few different kinds of food halls.  Some, like Eataly in NYC have a variety of food and necessities, and function like markets where you can get a meal, have a drink and buy a few things to take home and enjoy later.  Others, like Assembly in Toronto, are really food and drink forward, places where you'd typically gather with friends to enjoy a great meal before an evening out.    

Whether you're looking for high-quality food to grab and go for lunch, a place to unwind after a stressful day, or the perfect launchpad for a big night out with friends, we have something for everyone.

Come experience Queen St. Fare and see for yourself!

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